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What Clients Say!

“Rebecca is brilliant at plucking the comedic moments from unlikely sources. She has a preternatural sense of rhythm and comedic timing.  She’s fast, attentive, and a pleasure to work with.  When she signs on for a movie, she completely commits."


Johnathan Crow

Staff Writer


"Rebecca’s direction and editorial guidance meant our movie conveys facts concisely and with clarity, but also succeeds in soliciting genuine human emotional response. It informs AND inspires - just like Rebecca herself.  I can't wait to work with her again!"


Shanti Corrigan

Director of Development & Alumni Relations

UC Berkeley International House

What Clients Say!

“Rebecca Grace is one of the most spirited and inventive editors I’ve worked with.  Professional and hard working, she can be trusted to make your footage cut together with great thought and incredible unforeseen results.”


John Kapelos


Carpuzi Films

“Rebecca works smart.  It’s really that simple – she can cut to the heart of the story and weave it into a true thing of beauty.  One of the finest filmmakers you will ever have the privilege of working with”  


Debbie Brubaker

Supervising Producer

Indiana Production

“Rebecca got us through a grueling project and made it look amazing.  She was fast, reliable and creative in her approach.  I look forward to working with her on future projects.”


Stacey Waters

Supervising Producer

Indigo Production

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