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Who We Are

Rebecca is a writer, producer, director and editor of films, commercials and many branding narratives. In 2005 she founded GracefulFilms, a post-production facility in Los Angeles where she managed the supervision, editing, sound design and delivery of seven feature films, multiple shorts, commercials and DVD releases.


GracefulFilms earned the reputation as a studio that could be counted on to rise to any challenge, often transforming what others considered to be mistakes into creative advantages. Rebecca’s clients appreciated her ability to extract hidden yet pivotal moments of comedy, compassion, duality and metaphor from their footage.


What Clients Say!

The Black Tulip, a dramatic feature film that Rebecca edited, was nominated for an academy award in 2011.


Transitioning to the San Francisco Bay area, Rebecca first focused on building professional relationships and connections, working as a freelance producer, director, editor and writer for projects for Adobe, Cisco,, Chase, Yahoo and ebay. She is highly regarded for her ability to integrate her skills as a narrative filmmaker into short branding narratives.  


Currently, GracefulFilms operates as a full service production and post production studio in the San Francisco Bay area. Some of GracefulFilms' accounts include Google, Kaiser, Safeway, UC Berkeley, Roblox, Cliff Bar and the Breast Cancer Fund.

Rebecca’s education as a filmmaker began twenty years ago while working at Will Vinton Studios, a famous claymation animation studio (now Laika). During her five years there, world-renowned artists mentored her in animation. This rich environment presented her with the opportunity to begin producing and directing live action shorts and eventually resulted in her employment as a CG animator.    

After receiving her BA degree in film at California Institute of the Arts, Rebecca continued her career as a 3D animator on Red Planet and other films. Her collaborative artistic contribution in 3D animation for a TV episode of The Starship Troopers was nominated for an Emmy in 2000. 

Panavision granted Rebecca the camera equipment to film her 70-minute dramatic narrative, SHARDS, which she wrote and directed. The film screened at the historic Mann Chinese Theater in LA in 2005. 


Camille has worked in Video & Production Management since 2005. Her entry was as Producer/Director on her first international documentary film “Spirit Crusaders” filmed in Cameroon. She moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and worked on commercial, feature film, and TV production.


She re-located to Northern California in 2008 and completed a Master’s degree in Business with a focus on social entrepreneurship. After graduating, she relocated to San Francisco and worked for a range of production, post and creative houses as a Producer, until she established Sweet Life Productions.

A boutique creative house specializing in social change and adventure storytelling. In 2014, in collaboration with Fura Films she produced a feature length documentary “Dark Side of the Full Moon”, a first of its kind movie discussing and revealing the impacts of maternal mental illness on families, health care system to societal levels.


Jennie Teel Romer is pleased to have joined the leadership team of GracefulFilms.

In addition to being an accomplished author of the blog Super Slo Mo, which has run for more than ten years, Jennie is a screenwriter of numerous feature-length films and the pilot for a sci-fi drama television series called Lucid, about the power and implications of being able to control your dreams, every dream, every night.

Jennie has published articles for Tolosa Press on fitness and music, using her characteristic style of blending information with relatable humor.


Jennie is currently developing a feature script, The Birth Defect, which is based on the true story of Jessica Lynn, a transgender woman-turned-activist.  The story centers on her struggles, heartbreaks and triumphs as she is forced to fight for parental rights to her children when she can no longer be a man.


Being a parent herself, Jennie found herself profoundly moved by Jessica’s story, not only because of its David vs. Goliath quality, but because of the issues it raises surrounding the rights of transgender people.


Jennie has worked as an actress and studied acting with Stephanie Feury and G. Anthony Joseph in Hollywood, and has worked in the entertainment legal field.

John Gray is the art director, writer, illustrator and graphic designer at GracefulFilms. John has a BA in Art from the University of Oregon and has over 25 years of experience in graphic design, illustration, management, writing, marketing and corporate branding. 

In 1989, John founded and managed a full service advertising and printing corporation in Los Angeles called Typelion. Some of his clients included Nintendo, Toyota, DDB Needham, Chiat Day, Clinique, Nestle, 31 Baskin Robbins, AT&T, The Los Angeles Youth Symphony, Titus Energy, Neutrogena, Coldwell Banker, Warner Brothers and HBO.

John was also an art director at Disney Studios in Burbank where his responsibilities included creating concept illustrations, branding, campaigns, character layouts, mood boards, storyboards, product packaging,  billboards, magazines, web site ads, and posters.

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